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Tr 7X7 Kits

Samples Kits of a modifiedTr707
Engineer:Hesed (

KITS: Tecne1 - Tecne2 - Tecne3 - Tecne4 - Free Kit
5 Samples Kits: 15 instruments each
(bd1, bd2, sd1, sd2, lt, mt, ht, rim, cow, cp, tamb, ohh, chh, cr, ride.)
Samples are 24bit, 48khz stereo . Also many other format are available!!!!

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FREE DOWNLOAD as Wave download
Is appreciate to be notice about derivate works made with this kits!!!!

Creative Commons License
7X7Free Samples Kit by Claudio Matina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Unported License.

41 Gameboy Samples (Free Download)

cutted by Hesed

GameBoyIkimuSamples (52K)

Download from here : GameBoy(Ikimu)

or go to:

Atari Falcon Kit2

Jan 2008

f030 (8K)

Drum kit for Battery
50 synthetic drum sample in high quality (24bit|48Khz) straight out of the DSP 56001. Instruments: Basedrum, Basedrum2, Basedrum3, Analog Snare, Chihat, Chihat2, Congas, Cowbell, E-Tom, Percussion, Snare, Synth Snare, Tom, Vacum. This kit is suitable for different styles: Electro, Techno, House, Hip Hop, Dance, Experimental and more.

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Doepfer A-100 Kits

end 2007

Engineer: Hesed

24 samples from a doepfer a-100 basis system1 mapped on 48 note to have 4 octave of this legendary modular synth.

The patch are vco(square+saw) - vcf - lfo - adsr - vca.

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Atari Falcon Kit1 @ Prokits

Januar 2007

f030 (8K)

Since 2001 years I have been collecting Atari machines I have collected: AtariFalcon030 - AtariTT - AtariMegaST2 - Ataristfm - AtariSTE and many more.
The Atari Falcon030 is the best machine they made, he has 16MhzCpu, 16mbram, 8channel 16bit PCM audio system, ADC 16bit 50 KHz, DSP I/O port and a DSP chip.

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Bent Drum Loops - Samples Kit


A really special collections of distorted and twisted loops from bent devices!

Engineer : Hesed

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AnTi-ChRiStMaS sPeCiAl !!!! (Free Download)


Free Download! OlD ScHoOl PaCk ;)

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

DRM filtered KIT (Free Download)


70 Samples recorded from analog devices.

45 Drum - 12 Snares - 8 Claps - 4 Hihat - 1 Special

The samples are coming out of a DRM syncussion (HDB/Vermona) and filtered with Metasonix R53 Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper modul.

Engineer: Hesed (

Listen the demo :

drm-filtered (85K)

check it on:


DRM Syncussion KIT


Engineer: Hesed

DRM1 Syncussion is a true analog drum synthesizer that i own in my studio.
After many years using it i decide to share with you this amazing analog sound.
Similar to the 808 sound but with his own characteristic.
It has eight drum sounds and nine knobs per sound with over 70 knobs total.

Suitable for soft and hard styles from electro to techno, all in old school sound flavour!!!!
Most of the samples are in different decay lenght for better drum articulation.

8 sound channels:
7 realtime sound controls per channel and knobs PANORAMA + VOLUME
Trigger: one knob or via individual selectable MIDI key note,
Seperate audio signal output

Listen the demo :

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Guitar Toy Bend Kit


75 samples from a modified guitar toy :
12 Drum - 7 Drum Fill - 8 Fill - 32 Guitar - 1 LxxP - 9 Melody - 6 X

More info about the "instrument" here -->

That's a mouthful! As you've heard by now (or learned from the ice cream headache), for every thing there is an opposite thing. Sometimes you use a thing to guess what its opposite thing is, especially if you can see only one of the things. The same, I'm afraid, goes for systems.

Fuzzy logic is a system, implemented by tumbling equation, that is meant to seek a norm within chaos. The law of opposites suggest that a system, a dark bizzarro world system, should exist--a system that operates in reverse.

There should be a system that seeks chaos within the norm. If fuzzy logic exist, clear illogic must also.

Taken from the book Circuit Bending from Qubais Reed Ghazala

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Tr-7X7 Drum Kits


Roland Tr-707 is beetwen the most legendary drum machine all time,
now bended with 23 switch and filtered thru an Analog Modular Effect with
Phaser and Distortion, as Drum Kit with 102 rare samples.
All samples are recorded at ATM Studio with Motu, G5 and Ableton.
Denoised and cleaned for a crystal clear sound.

Battery Kit with 102 samples : BD, SD, LT, MT, HT, Rim, Cow, HCP, Tamb, HC, HO, CR, Ride, Noise, Bleep, Bend, Pulse.

for more info about the Tr-7X7 and the Effect go to Mod and Retro section.

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