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Onde Anomale 10 tracks album was released in 2007 as CD and in 2012 as Digital Download. To celebrate with our fans 10 Years from the first Analog TecnŔ Model release we decide to put this album as FREE DOWNLOAD!

All Tracks composed and produced by Hesed, on Onda8 flute and shout by Lue, Onda7 voice by Mikelina and Scratch by Dj Zula.

Chris Toolbox Records review:
An excellent electro Acid & Breakz album. the first one, from Hesed ATM. The whole thing sounds Electro, starting oldschool and growing more and more breakz to ends is a very coles to be hardtek dancefloor... This travel will leads you very different electro-chapel such as Miami, belgium EBM or German electrance, Drill-breakz... The fact that a Free/Tribe artist does such a music might appear surprising for some, but actually it is not : where artist can be free to develop the sound they want elswhere than in an environment where there is no marketting or commercial superstructures to dictate the tastes...

The tracks will be available once at a time, see dates under track's name.

atmcd01_a (160K) atmcd01_a (160K)

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Download "Onde Anomale" Album...

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Creative Commons License

ATM DS01 "Onde Anomale" by Hesed is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Onda 1 (the flow) 4:21 - 120bpm file size 10MB

free download available on 17.11.2014

Onda 2 (axioma) 4:19min - 136bpm file size 9,9MB

free download available on 22.11.2014

Onda 3 (utopia) 4:40min - 145bpm file size 10,6MB

free download available on 28.11.2014

Onda 4 (work) 3:06min - 130bpm file size 7,1MB

free download available on 15.12.2014

Onda 5 (rond˛) 3:08min - 145bpm file size 7,2MB

free download available on 26.12.2014

Onda 6 (the second flow) 5:58min - 120bpm file size 13,7MB

free download available on 31.01.2014

Onda 7 (sustain the rhythm) 7:22min - 154bpm file size 17MB

free download available on 03.01.2015

Onda 8 (bitch) 4:50min - 135bpm file size 11,1MB

free download available on 10.03.2015

Onda 9 (eroica) 4:35min - 170bpm

free download available on 21.03.2015

Onda 10 (mantein the beat) 3:58min - 170bpm

free download available on 11.04.2015


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