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ATM is back in production!


After too long time, we are happy to announce our next production ATM09 by Hesed.

New track from Hesed soon on FTSK09 12" Vinyl




No bullshit. No hidden fees. Just love for music.

obscurbooking (38K)

Pure Analog 0,3 12" Vinyl - out now!


PA03A (62K) PA03B (84K)

A1: ACIDEVICE - So Gloomy | A2: VIKKEI - Pineapple Soup
B1: LING LING - Free Willy | B2: Hesed - Sinful Game

FTSK 06 - 12" Vinyl - Ling Ling, Vikkei, Hesed


FTSK06A (18K) FTSK06B (15K)

A1 - LING LING Analog Ling

A2 - VIKKEI Strange Travel

B1 - LING LING Goodbye World

B2 - Hesed Eternal Inflation

available @ Toolbox Records

Trinacria 06 "Symmetry EP" available in digital!



Pulp Friction 01 now available in digital!



New Electrobooking Roster 2016 Hardtek and ACID TEKNO


The booking agency ELECTROBOOKING is proud to present you the NEW ACID roster starring Collision, Dissolvement, Sam C, Sevenum Six, Sifres, Stefan ZMK, Tommers and Vikkei, along with artists we were already working with such as Hesed, Asphalt Pirates, Rinse or Les Boucles Etranges.

Electrobooking Roster 2016

2 new tracks from Hesed on Soundcloud.


Trinacria 06 "symmetry ep" out now on 12" marbled vinyl!


We are proud to present this new ep TRN06 with two well known artist from ATM (Hesed and Vikkei) and two really promising newcomers 7th Sense and FRM, all foru artist are from Italy. Acid and mental ambience melted in different flavours.

A1: Until Dawn (Hesed) 6:15
A2: Barleywine (7th Sense) 5:46
B1: Heartquake (Frm) 6:27
B2: Thats Not Acid (Vikkei) 7:41

production: Analog Tecnè Model
mastering: www.discrete-audio-solutions.com

trn06-banner (1028K)

Soundcloud preview:

Purchase here: http://shop.atm23.net/en/VINYL/ACID-TEKNO/Trinacria-06.html

DDelay build kit now available at ATM Webshop


Delay unit with 2 feedback suitable for all acoustic and electronic instruments!

ddelay1 ddelay2 ddelay3
Purchase here: http://shop.atm23.net/en/HARDWARE/FILTERS-and-FX/DDelay.html


Audio in, Audio out, Delay Time Pot, Mix in Pot, Repeats Pot, Endless Repeats Pot "delay feedback", Audio Feedback Pot, On/Off Switch, Audio Feedback Switch.

IC1: 16dip PT2399 (processor for Echo an Suround/Delay effect with 44k of internal memory and built in VCO)

IC2: 8dip TL072 (dual operational amplifier for input/output stage), for better audio quality and higher resolution can be replaced with Dual OpAmp like: NE5532, OPA2604, OPA2134 or with other pin compatible and with similar characteristics.

IC3: 78L05 (Linear voltage regulator 5V/0,1A).

Video Demo:
00:15 -> 02:17 - DDelay filtering digital drum loop...
02:17 -> 04:12 - DDelay analog modular synth...
04:12 -> 07:10 - DDelay filtering analog snap and noise source...
07:10 -> 10:20 - DDelay filtering analog drum loop (Syncussion)...
10:20 -> 12:50 - DDelay filtering analog synth arpeggio...
12:50 -> 15:08 - DDelay pure feedback (no input)...

Pulp Friction 01 - 12" Coloured Vinyl OUT NOW!


ATM is happy to present our new sub-label PULP FRICTION!
Pulp Friction will be more Hardtek and banging Tribe oriented label, fast beats but still with some mental and trippy flavour.
First release include tracks from Alifer, ZSide, Format C:\ and Sparks.

Purchase here: http://shop.atm23.net/Vinyl/Pulp-Friction-01.html

Glitched Drums 108 broken loops by Hesed


A compilation of arhythmic fills, syncopated, crushed, panned and twisted. 101 Stereo and 7 Mono loops, each 5,5sec, 8beat (2bar) at 85.82bpm Each file, reach of articulation, is possible to slice in several "one shot" sample.

Purchase here:


ATMCD/DIGITAL SERIES 01 "ONDE ANOMALE" now as freedownload!


Onde Anomale 10 tracks album was released in 2007 as CD and in 2012 as Digital Download. To celebrate with our fans 10 Years from the first Analog Tecnè Model release we decide to put this album as FREE DOWNLOAD!

atmcd01_a (160K) atmcd01_a (160K)

Consider anyway to support us by buying some ATM album @

ATM Webshop - Bandcamp - JunoDownload Trinacria - JunoDownload ATM

Like Hesed on Facebook facebook facebook.com/HESED.ATM

Trinacria vs Nameless available in Digital Format


TRN vs NMLSS @ JunoDownload

Narcosis 07 - 12" Vinyl


Tracks by Mantrum, Tommers, Sevenum Six, Acid Basztard, Hesed

narcosis07 (141K) narcosis07a (36K) narcosis07b (39K)

Available @ ATM Webshop, Toolbox Records, Dekloned, Discogs

Listen it on soundcloud:

Trinacria vs Nameless 12" Vinyl out now!



A: Hesed - Quantum Leap 9:53
B1: Wosh - Gangstashit 5:50
B2: Paska - Interferacid 5:27

Mastering by: Discrete-Audio-Solutions.com

Audio preview:


Upcoming Vinyl Productions!


Lots of news going on this autumn at Analog Tecnè Model, soon some preview will be available on our Soundcloud page.
We are also happy to announce the coproduction with a well known Italian sound system Nameless and wellcome to the newcomers in our label: Wosh, Paskà, Sparks, Alifer, 7ThSense and MKN.

Nameless vs Trinacria 12" Vinyl with:
Wosh, Paska, Hesed

Pulp Friction 01 (new ATM sublabel) 12" Vinyl with:
Sparks, Alifer, Format C

Trinacria 06 12" Vinyl with:
Hesed, Vikkei, 7ThSense, MKN

Trinacria 05 "Kundalini Ep" Out Now!


12" Black Vinyl

A1: Syncussion (Hesed) 7:16
A2: Dirty finger (Teknoseeker) 6:27
B1: x0x Loves Revolution (Vikkei) 7:13
B2: NonPlusUltra (Format C & GRG) 5:13

Mastering by discrete-audio-solutions.com

Buy Analog: TRN05 @ ATM Webshop
Buy Digital: TRN05 @ Juno Download

Analogy is the final word of science and the first word of faith. Harmony consists in equilibrium, and equilibrium subsists by the analogy of contraries. Absolute unity is the supreme and final reason of things. (Eliphas Levi, Dogma and Ritual of High Magic)

trn05banner (95K)

Vinyl Preservation Syndicate 06 "Rotor Ep" Out Now!!!


vps05 (128K)

VPS records 05 "Rotor EP" Electro/Techno - www.vpsrecords.com/
Tecnè : www.facebook.com/TECNE.ATM
Ch1P : www.facebook.com/pages/Ch1P/203302439726230

Preview here :

Vinyl Preservation Syndicate 05 "Rotor EP" by Hesed / Tecnè ATM

ATM05 "Illuminati Ep" on Soundcloud


Pure Analog Records 0,0 out now


Pureanalog records 0,0 is almost ready prepare your ears for the first release with:

Vikkei - Another Bassline Orgy
Hesed - Entangled Particles
Acidolido - Katana
Collision - Flowrider

info: pureanalogrecords@yahoo.it
mastering: http://www.discrete-audio-solutions.com/
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pureanalogrecords

PA00a (39K) PA00b (34K)

Hesed Liveset @ ObsCur vs ATM (Free Download)


Hesed Liveset @ Winter Conspiracy Vol.7


ATM 3.5 "The Perfect Drug EP" -->OUT NOW<--


After years of requests from our fans we decide to make a repress :)
On side A the well known "The perfect Drug" and a beloved unreleased track from 2005 E-sid. On side B a revisited version of Acroasis. All tracks have been remastered by Discrete-Audio-Solutions.com

Purchase it @ ATMWebshop, Toolbox.

atm3-5a (32K) atm3-5b (35K)

A1: The Perfect Drug

A2: E-sid2 (2005)

B: Acroasis 2.0

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In our mastering an sound design studio we have many new and high-end gears, but we have also a nostalgic love for old and fuzzy restro gear.
Here some of them we are still using for some production or under request for some special sound design.

Commodore 64

Here some picture of some c64 that i use to make music. 3 are modded and 2 not. Modding: sid2sid board, 2 mono output (6 voices), external and internal pot for prophet64 card reset button, 3 OS switch (basic v2, quick load v5, speedos plus). Prophet64-midi interface by Firestarter. The interface works only with prophet64 card, can send and receive midi note and control. So a c64 become a perfect 8bit gear for studio and live.

Commodore 64 C64 Overview C64 Sid2Sid C64 Sid2Sid C64 Sid2Sid C64 Sid2Sid Commodore 64 rear Commodore 64 Ext Pot Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Screen p64midiinterface p64midiinterface Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64



This effekt was self builded in Germany from i donno who, not information at all on the net. I just purchase this unit from a person who didn't know what is it. After some soldering here and there was again alive after i dont know how long (was found in a old house).

The unit has 2 Power modul, 2 empty, 1 Correlation, 1 VU Meter,1 Distorsion and 1 Phaser.
Individual in out each effect, L In/Out, R In/Out and Main Out.

Soon some more samples.....

707 Clean

707 Phaser

707 Distortion

effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat effektgerat



In my studo i have 3 mega st 2 1 with SFP004 mathematic coprocessor and IMS 4.07 Intuitive MIDI System

Atari Mega St Atari Mega St Booting Atari Mega St desktop ims Esid ATM 02 Iceman ATM 02

Watch the video and listen the track from ATM02 made with this Atari....

Esid - ATM02


synth & sampler

This atari has a Ram module with 16mb SCSI server with 4gb Steinberg interface FA 8 analog out FDI digital in/out. Software used AceMidi from NewBeat. The softsyth sampler has 16 voices 2 oscillator per voice, vca, vcf and lfo. More info at specification page

Atari Falcon 030 Atari Falcon Rear Atari Falcon Ram Atari Falcon Ace Midi Atari Falcon Interface Atari Falcon Ace Midi

Amiga 1200

Amiga 1200 Amiga 1200