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fb Hesed (Analog Tecne Model, Trinacria) Acidcore, Tekno, Tribe

fb Vikkei (Trinacria, Pure Analog) Acidcore, Acid Tekno

fb Teknoseeker (Trinacria) Acid, Sgang

fb Contergan (Trinacria, Desystematik Sound Lab) Acid Tekno

fb Format C:\ (Analog Tecne Model, Protoprod) Hardtekno, Hardfloor

fb Sevenum Six (Trinacria, Tekno Sucks) Acidcore, Tekno

Alifer (Pulp Fiction) Hardtekno, Tribecore

fb Wosh (Nameless Sound System) Pumping Tekno

fb Paska (Nameless Sound System) Acid Tribe

fb Bassdriver (Ohmkiller Crew, Time Control Records) Tribe, Tekno

fb Kstis (Ohmkiller Crew, Time Control Records) Hardtekno, Pumping

fb ZSide (Domino Crew, Time Control Records) Hardtekno, Tribecore


Konik Polny
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